Engineering Activities

Our company is specialized in consulting on a project design basis, development of specifications and network analysis of electrical power systems;

the main activities performed are indicated here under:

All studies are performed according to IEC, IEEE/ANSI Standards.


Professional Tools

In order to perform an electrical network analysis, our company uses a professional software named ETAP. This comprises various modules and performs the following calculations:

Relay Coordination studies can be related with any type of relays even those not found in ETAP library. If relays are missing from the software library they can be added provided that the operating manual is provided indicating the relay tripping curves for the functions involved in the study.
We want to point out the availability of carrying out on-site surveys to pick up information and data related to the calculations to be performed.


Jobs on Site

Protection setting and verification

Setting of relay protections in accordance with relay coordination study, verification through voltage and/or current secondary injection together with tripping time record. For all protection a test form will be released with all the setting and test details.
The activities above described are at present performed for the following relay manufacturers: Vatech-Reyrolle, Beckwith, GE, ABB, Areva, SEL, CEE, Thythronic and Siemens. If proper documentation is supplied, it is possible to operate also on other relay protection manufacturers.

Start up and commissioning

Together with the relay protection setting and testing further assistance is given concerning the electrical system to them related.
Current transformers and voltage transformers verification. Ratio test through primary injections, polarity check to determine primary and secondary correspondence, magnetizing curves with saturation voltage determination.
Loop check test for auxiliary circuit. Closing and opening test for LV, MV and HV circuit breaker with all the related interlocks. Testing for special logics as automatic transfer and emergency generator operation.
Transformers, motors and generators start up. With particular concern to generator start-up, conduction of all real electrical tests. Short circuit and voltage test for protection real trip as well as ground fault test for earth fault protection verification. Test procedure for synchronization alignment with both manual and automatic mode.


Training Activities

The activity consists of courses for the training of the technicians related to

The courses can be performed in Italian, English or French.